Renovating Solutions

Our homes are possibly the biggest investment we will ever make. They are expected to fulfil many things beyond simply being a roof over our head, they need to adapt to changes in our lives and will hopefully contribute to our financial security.

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Our Goal

We want you to start your newly renovated home with your eyes wide open, to be informed, involved and in control so that you enjoy the journey of re-creating home for you.

Modifying our home can be a significantly costly exercise and the process can seem overwhelming and complex, particularly if we want to introduce energy efficient, sustainable and future proffing technology. The big question is where to start?

The key starting point is your master plan. The master plan will inform your architect or your builder. If you are not absolutely clear on what your expectations and needs are, you could either pay too much or not get the finished product you want. Urban Aesthetics applies a basic methodology to guide your early decision making, prioritise your immediate needs and consider your future aspirations to create this very clear master plan.


Your master plan is the brief to the architect or builder. The benefits of having a master plan include:

  • utilising your existing home to its full potential, its structure and footprint, not demolishing part of the solution
  • being realistic early about what your budget can afford
  • not over capitalising and perhaps over committing financially over the long term, not paying for more than what you need
  • giving you the option of a phased approach, not having to commit to the entire costly exercise before you’re ready, or needing the full build
  • being sympathetic to your home’s character and giving consideration to your neighbourhood
  • considering the cost benefits of sustainable technology, and planning early for the inclusion of this technology.

With extensive experience in project management, residential construction and refurbishment, business case and development feasibility, experience as an owner-builder, with an engineering degree, Urban Aesthetics also has a strong network of professionals and construction trades that share our values for quality, sustainability and liveability outcomes.

If you are confused about where to start, or how to start your extensions and renovations, we can guide and equip you with the means to gain a clear focus on what you want, need, and are likely to afford. You will understand the design and construction process, opportunities and options available to you to confidently proceed. This may include using an architect, which could very well be the most cost effective way for your to approach a renovation or extension to your existing home. If you have a clear and robust brief, the creativity and brillance of an architect can be harnessed to deliver a unique and highly appropriate home for you.

You may be simply exploring investment options, you may have an immediate need to modify your home, be it small or large scale. We will guide you to achieve a master plan and inform you of the design and building options available to you. You will be eqipped and feel more confident in making good decisions about the future of your home.

The first step is a free initial consultation with you to discuss our approach. Importantly, our initial services are low cost and aims to provide you with early clarity as to the best personal and most financially viable options for you.

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