As Director of Urban Aesthetics, I have a Bachelor Engineering (civil) and 20 years of experience delivery projects in urban development, residential construction and refurbishment, community development and infrastructure. I have extensive networks of professionals who share my high standards of quality and sustainability outcomes and they form part of my strong team to inspire sustainable living options.

The way we live and interact is changing rapidly, pressures such as the cost of energy are starting to have significant impacts on how quality of life. I believe that our homes should be our safe and comfortable havens, but they shouldn’t be long term financial burdens or significant enviromental impactors. I am passionate about enabling individuals to make better and more informed decisions about their homes, giving you options regarding your home and how this important asset works for you in terms of liveability, future flexibility, interaction with neighbourhood and financially.

My experience in delivering major residential projects, overseeing large scale urban renewal and urban development programs and developing business cases for development related projects brings a holistic approach to planning, designing and building our homes. I work with excellent professionals, trades and construction suppliers who share my philospophy in pushing the boundaries, innovating and taking our homes to a new level.

I have experience as an owner builder, setting examples of incorporating new techology, a reduced ecological footprint and driving economically driven but high quality design. I believe that we should utilise the core structure of our home to its full potential, rather than simply demolishing even part, and starting from scratch. I thrive on the challenge of securing the best outcome in constrained budgets.

Finally, I believe we should have more housing options available to suit our individual needs. As individuals, we can impact our own quality of living and more broadly that of our community.

I welcome your enquiries either about your current home or your interest in a tiny home, and look forward to a journey of discovery that will open up many more options as to how we live.