Keeping Cool

A great idea, maintain natural light into our homes whilst keeping cool, without the need for power driven devices. This recent article at the UrbanDeveloper is yet another exciting piece of technology!

Tiny House Recreating Communities


I feel that I am very fortunate to live in the City of Fremantle, see FreoView. We have a Council who is more in touch with the current pressures on housing and are willing to be open minded, thoughtful and action oriented exporing innovative ways to create a strong future for Fremantle and it’s richly diverse community. Fremantle is full of culture and heritage, and without a Council that values this strength, it could so easily be lost.

Vernacular Dwellings

I have never heard of vernacular housing, interestingly it is housing that relates to its natural environment in many respects. As this article shows, the lovely examples of vernacular housing in China are rapidly disappearing as the comparatively beastly high rise takes over.

Exciting materials of the future

This Cement Generates Light,Courtesy of

Concrete that produces its own light, storing lumination and lighting up when needed. What an excellent concept! See Archdaily.

This Cement Generates Light,Courtesy of

Solar storage


It’s a good idea to plan ahead when installing renewable energy for the exciting future of energy storage, ReNew article.