Urban Aesthetics seeks to positively influence
the way we live in our urban cities.

As our cities have grown, increasing stress is placed on our quality of living and our environment. At Urban Aesthetics we believe that our housing and how it interacts with both our local community and the environment is vitally important. Not only are these interactions important for our general well being, they also have economic implications for us.

We all generally seek to live in comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and technically up to date homes. Innovations in energy, telecommunications, construction materials, thermal qualities and sound proofing in higher density living has strong relevance to how we build our homes. Preparing our homes and communities for the rapid changes and innovations occuring around us is really important if we want to maintain good quality living standards and consider our ecological footprint.

Urban Aesthetics has 20 years of experience in urban development, comunity development and residential construction, having managed many projects with planners, architects and builders. Working with individuals, companies and government, Urban Aesthetics seeks innovative ways to improve our housing and community outcomes, and also reduce our individual environmental impact.